Are you ready to Quantum Jump 

your life on ALL levels?



Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School 


It is all within you

​Do you feel it? That soul pull and nudge? that has led you here, to this very moment and to this very page.


You may have felt this soul pull your whole life, not really understanding what it was about... always knowing DEEP DOWN inside that you were meant for more? and that you were going to do BIG and GREAT things in this life?


It may have felt may still feel impossible... you may have questioned the Universe... WHY ME?!? WHO AM I to think and envision myself being a leader, a speaker, a healer? 


I see you, hear you and feel you for I have there many times in my life, especially the last 3 years, only I waited.... and I struggled as I searched for the answers outside of myself, thinking if only I knew how to do X, or if I learned X modality then that's when my success would come....


I was wrong, and I took the long way to get here.... but without it I wouldn't be here right now, offering you this opportunity to come a journey with me 

a journey on taking you home to yourself, perhaps for the very first time.... a journey on clearing and healing all the stuff that has held you back in the past.


From patterns you just couldn't shake, that you find yourself in over and over are NOT the only one struggling with this and you don't have to anymore


The content of the Mystery School is completely channeled by myself, Joy Rachelle and though I have been given an outline for the school it is created through the energy of the collective consciousness who enroll.



From My Soul To Yours

This Mystery School is a creation from my soul and the Divine to set you forth on your soul purpose lead mission clear of all the baggage you brought with you, and inherited which may have held you back from sharing your gifts with the world.


This container is ALL about opening you up and activating the Magick you have within yourself and see how you can share it with your tribe and the world!

We did not come here to play small, we came here to be THE change makers and rebels bringing forth new levels of  consciousness


Are you ready? I can't wait to journey with you


Joy Rachelle, I'm so grateful to have found you and your work. You helped me so much with removing personal, spiritual, and financial blocks that were keeping me from achieving my full potential in life and in business. There have been so many powerful experiences that have come from working with you that I can't list them all. But one of the most unforgettable moments was during the healing session where I could physically feel shifts in the area of my body and spirit that was most in need of healing even though we were working remotely (on Zoom). Not to mention the fact that you identified that area as one that was in need of healing without me saying anything to you about it. This was the turnaround I needed! THANK YOU, Joy!"


What you get in 

Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School

The Five Main Pillars



 Covers: Unlocking, healing and clearing limiting beliefs, Inner healing journey and Quantum leap healing transformation



How it works, What typical teachers don’t teach, prevent burnout aka adrenal fatigue , How not to be ‘ruled’ by your sensitivity



 activating you to the magick you hold within your soul essense and have access too now



 Like a phoenix rising, being reborn and emerging as your new self- reconnected to the magic within yourself, and connected to your higher self



 become clear on what you want to offer and do and bring forth as your soul purpose offerings, taking action in implementing starting your business, or re branding it

New Modules are released weekly

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E-mails notifying you when a  new module is available. New Modules will be released weekly

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The Mastermind will be hosted in a private Facebook Group


Access to Joy on 1 x monthly for psychic laser coaching calls and additional support

Video Conferencing

Via Zoom


Video access to Joy via ZOOM for group mastermind calls 1 x  a month.

on Tuesdays

Tentative time: 

1pm PST/ 2pm MST/ 4pm EST

Tentative Module Topics At a Glance 

A few tentative program and module topics. This school is about more than just connecting you back to your souls purpose...


This school works at healing and clearing area's that hold you back from living your highest version of yourself, by reconnecting you to your souls essence and purpose.


Most of all connecting you to the MAGICK you have INSIDE you, so you can STOP searching for it outside of yourself. 

Healing and Clearing

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- Letting Go

- Overcoming Shame

-Releasing Fear and Finding your true authentic Voice


Psychic Activation

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- All about the Clair's

-Psychic Activation




The Awakened Empath

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- All about Clairempathy

- Reverse the Curse

-Release Your limits

-Reclaim your sensitivity

-Rise up and be seen

Lemurian Mystics

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- Explore the origins of the true Lemurians, now in Inner Earth 

- Exploring Atlantis, Mu

- Water Alchemy

- Sound Healing

- Explore and discover dragons

- Starfamilies

Living Your Soul Purpose

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- Soul Searching

- Stepping into purpose and letting your  inner genius and magick out

- Connection to your Higher Self 




The Abundant Lightwarrior

Modules topics may include but not limited to:


- creating and marketing your offer(s)

- Packaging your offerings

- Building your Soul Tribe

- Charging what your worth






Channeled insight and messages for the container of this collective, activation's, healing's and clearing's





Access to Joy for Group Psychic Laser Coaching and discussion

 1 x a month


Check out the experiences below from my healings/clearings/activation work ... 

Now imagine... having experiences like that for 9 months...



is a leading pioneer in the field of channeling and cosmic gateway facilitator. 


Leading Transformational Healer,  Teacher, Activator, Lemurian Priestess and channel for the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star beings.


She is here to break old paradigms holding spiritual entrepreneurs in fear unable to create the global impact they desire.


Through her channeled work with the Inner Earth people and Intergalactic Star Beings to awaken others to the same connection for consciousness expansion and planetary healing.  


She uses her vocal technologies to awaken spiritual entrepreneurs to their own signature  genius that is for them to deliver to the planet for the highest good of the Universe. 


This enables them to be unique, rare and cataclysmic experts to work with. 

She works in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing technology. She uses her potent connection to the Inner Earth people, Starbeings and Spirit in her  healing work.

Fueled by her own healing transformation of overcoming feeling like she didn’t belong on this planet or in her body, feeling the innate feeling since a little girl that she was meant to do BIG things in this life.


As the calling became louder and louder she still felt like she was living a life of routine, and was putting on the fake face of saying she was happy in life. She has the nice house, the love of her life, working at home and still she felt out of place, like she was just going through the motions.


So she healed and overcame all the feelings of shame, trauma and self-loathing, which fuels her passion about helping women transform with her expertise and support her clients transform from the inside out. She wants every woman to know the sense of coming ‘home’ feeling she has felt herself, and knows is possible for you.


» Has a no bullshit detector helping you get to the core root of the issue allowing you to heal, transcend and transform for good

» Is a Lemurian High Priestess and Mystical Healer who has a potent divine channel with Spirit, and uses her remembered past life potent magical healing energy and abilities to co-create with you profound healing and transformation. Helping you manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of


» Is a soul whisperer and has a way to empower you, and instill belief in yourself by increasing your confidence and clarity; see's your highest potential

» Has felt the inexplicable feeling of homesickness for as long as she can remember. Feeling as if she didn’t belong on this earth, in her body, in her family or anywhere. Having felt this way and never admitted it to anyone, thinking there must be something wrong with her to feel this way

» Has been on the healing journey, and has healed herself of childhood shame and trauma and understands the journey as she has been there at the lowest points screaming and crying at the Universe begging for help, just wanting to end it all….

» See’s you beneath all the protective walls you’ve placed up and provides you with the support, love, healing, and guidance you need to have the healing breakthroughs and transform you from a lost wandering caterpillar into a beautiful majestic butterfly spreading her wings and going after her passions in life


»Shift from the feeling of homesickness you just can’t seem to shake, to feeling like you are not alone and belong here, on planet earth in your skin. Feel confident and free to be yourself, and let your rediscovered magic out.


»Transform from feeling lost, alone and unhappy like you don’t even know who you are in your own skin, into feeling whole, grounded, fulfilled and at peace with yourself, and in love with YOU.


» Claim your true soul path, instead of denying your soul calling which is keeping you locked in overwhelm, misery and self-doubt


» You feel a deeper connection with yourself, and your purpose. You understand the feelings of homesickness you’ve felt your whole life, and feel like you have found yourself and are in the right place and at home.

» Feel aligned with the innate feeling that you’ve felt that you meant to do something more (so much more) in this lifetime, but you just weren’t sure what or how to get there.

» Can call in your past lives and who you have been in all of your lifetimes and use that to bring in a new way of living and expressing, perhaps it’s a new healing modality (one that you’ve done many times before by the way).


» Stand out from the crowd having reclaimed your own unique magick and calling in your soul contract clients with ease and charging what you are worth


» Start your own journey of empowering, leading and healing other women and men with your unique magickal gifts and abilities

Below I share about why I created this school and some of my journey with reclaiming my inner souls magick

**information is subject to change from the making of this video

After a session with Joy my psychic abilities up leveled, I moved from a confidence level of 2-4, to a confidence level of 6-7 and increasing. My ability to receive the information is now clearer than ever, and getting stronger everyday. Thank you Joy for taking the time after in another setting to really help me with continuing the journey to discover my Souls purpose and abilities. Thank you for believing in me!


The work Joy does is amazing! She channels the divine in all her healing, and teachings. She is a Angel messenger sent from the Heavens for sure! Whenever she works on me I can feel the powerful, potent energy as she works on healing and clearing my energies. She is passionate about what she does. When working with her you enter her energy VORTEX, she makes you feel held and heard. She goes into the deep depths of truths within you (all the stuff you are hiding from, and avoiding) and tells you straight that everything the Angels do and say isn't always 'nice' to hear. It's the truth of what you have been hiding from, avoiding and leaning away from. However I have learned in my work with Joy that that is where the greatest transformation comes from! So thank you Joy for everything you are! and everything you do!


These activations are amazing! I did one last night, and it was incredibly healing and powerful.  I felt an actual physical release as Joy & my Angels worked on me.   We hold our “stuff” in our bodies so this was AMAZING! Thank you!”

She had even more to say in a video testimonial transcribed here:

My name is Jayaleigh, and I just wanted to speak for a minute about Joy Rachelle, and her amazing sacred activations. So I purchased a few from her I think I purchased the prosperity package. And then I went back for more and more and more. The first time that I did when I was lying there and I could actually feel angelic beings, working on me.

It felt so loving and so relaxing. and it was really. I guess shifting things for me, that I may not have noticed at the time or known what they were. But definitely, definitely afterward and looking back, very shortly after. I could see that I was shifted in profound ways and old fears and blocks just cleared I felt healthier there's a few can get that actually protect your energy. And you, they protect you physically from illness and just upgrading your DNA, and knowing that I was going in that direction. Anyway, this just sort of sped that process up and did it in a way that felt really loving and really energetically powerful and like I said I could actually feel things happening. And I've worked with her a few times since and I just really love her presence, she's very powerful, more, more powerful than she'll let on so I would highly highly recommend. At the very least, just try sacred activations or even having a session with joy. I'm so glad that I met her and so glad that I purchased some packages.


Answers before you ask

What if I don't have a business or anything yet? Can I still join and benefit from this school?

  • Of Course! This is a personal, and spiritual transformational program, which can awaken you to your soul's true purpose, and set you up to start living it. 

 Why is this a Mystery School? what is a Mystery School?

  • This is a Mystery School as the Universe deemed it so. It is a co-creation between myself and the Universe, which covers unprecedented esoteric spiritual teachings. 


    A Mystery School is commonly known as secret, and to have passed down secretive knowledge and information. 

Why a Mastermind? 

  • The purpose of the BONUS LIMITED TIME ACCESS to the Mastermind is to provide additional support to you for the duration of the mystery schools modules.  I realize many of you already have a spiritual based business and coaching/mentor-ship that happens during the mastermind can support you in becoming clear on what you are offering, and to help you trust your inner souls voice.


    My goal with this is to really empower you to trust yourself, and to coach and mentor you on how to receive information more clearly etc. 


    Mastermind calls are 1 x per month on Tuesday (unless otherwise stated) tentative call time being 1 pm PST/2 pm MST/4 pm EST. 

    What is the lenght of Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School?

    • There are two options.

      Option 1) enroll in Soul Alchemy Activation for 8 weeks, for all the healing and clearing. If you want to anytime after you can simply sent us an e-mail asking to enroll in the full school and we will send you an invoice with the amount remaining. For this option you can purchase here


      Option 2) enroll in the full Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School for 9 months and experience all the healing, clearing, activations and magick. For this option you can request a Soul Technology Chat with Joy to ensure you are a vibrational match, and are someone who is committed to your soul ascension transformation.   

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          8 week enrollment only in Soul Alchemy Activation (option to upgrade at any time available, for the amount paid today, minus amount owing for full Mystery School)


          * 8 weeks of healing and clearing stuck, stagnant beliefs keeping you from living your divine life purpose 


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          Soul Alchemy Activation Mystery School

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